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AUSTRALIA  Population:19.5Millions

English1 week of diving in Cairns and 1 week of driving in the outback in a jeep (Australian desert)! It was one of my dream to go one day in Australia. 
Fantastic, beautiful and huge country, total adventure!
The Australian Outback: Another World!

Français1 semaine de plongée sous-marine à Cairns et 1 semaine de conduite dans le désert Australien! C'était un de mes rêves que d'aller un jour en Australie. Fantastique, superbe, aventure!
Le desert Australien: Un autre Monde!
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Beautiful Cairns,Australia The Great Barrier reef Our diving boat. Australia map! Cairns is North Me with the boat diving master Chris,fun guy! Ready for diving! Going under.
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Amazing fishes Beauty and colors! Incredible beauty! Our big friend who was following us and swimming with us! Giant turtles, we swam together! We saw a few whales from the boat. Beautiful coral
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Friends I met on the boat.2 americans, 2 british. Getting ready to spend 1 week of total adventure driving in the Australian bush(desert)! Dirt roads in the middle of nowhere, teh australian outback! what an amazing adventure in the desert! Beautiful desert,loving it!
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Poor kangaroo... Having the time of my life!! Funny looking face! Concentrating while crossing a tiny bridge
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Crossing a river infested with crocodiles!I met a rare driver who took the picture! The car needed rest! me too! Wild horse Wild cows. I stopped 2 days in an isolated ranch in the desert.
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Barry and friends I met at the ranch. Yes, i also made crepes for them! Feeding the dogs and dingos (wild dogs) Ready for a ride in the bush Cedric the aussie cowboy! what a time! Riding with a dog and a dingo
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Holding a beautiful koala,very proected animal in australia;so cute! Holding a baby crocodile  A kangaroo Feeding my friend Very hungry!
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I love the kangaroos Relaxing beside the beach car crossing the river on a boat. relaxing in a small village met 2 aussi efriends at a local bar: they were going to hunt for crocodiles! Beautiful beaches along cape tribulation
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Romantic beach Beautiful rainforest just  outside Cairns More rainforest