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My story!: Toronto is the most multi-cultural city in the world, even in front of New York! I moved to Toronto  in 1991, married to Laura, an American woman who was living there. Marriage did not work out. Great moments and memories with Laura and I also learned a lot. I lived in Toronto for 7 years, a beautiful town with a very cold winter. I met many nice friends and enjoyed various winter activities. such as ice skating, snow mobile, skiing, ice fishing, dog sledding to cite a few. I worked for a few software companies in the sales department and started a consulting company in international marketing. I had the opportunities to visit many towns in Canada, Montreal was my favorite! I became a Canadian citizen in 1995! O'Canada! (National anthem).
In summer 1997, after I had saved money, I gave up my job, my apartment, sold my things, traveled through Canada by train during 4 fantastic days until Vancouver to try to realize my old dream: Move to San Francisco! Many people thought I was creasy, that I was a dreamer! It's good to dream in life sometimes and try to make our dreams come true, don't you think so?!
I have to admit that I was a bit scared by the unknown when I left Toronto with my 6 suitcases! I left anyway, I had to try my chance...!



Mon histoire!: Toronto est la ville la plus multiculturelle au monde, même devant New York! Je suis venu habiter Toronto en 1991, marié à Laura, une Américaine qui y habitait . Mon mariage n'a pas marché, supers moments tres forts passes avec Laura et bonne experience de la vie. Je suis resté à Toronto pendant 7 ans. Toronto est une ville superbe avec un hiver très froid. Je me suis fait de très bons amis au Canada et j'ai pu pratiquer des activités d'hiver telles que le patin sur glace, moto-neige, ski, pêche dans la glace, chiens traîneau, pour en citer quelques-unes. J'ai travaille pour quelques sociétés de logiciels dans le département commercial et ai lancé ma propre société de consulting en marketing international. J'ai pu visiter de nombreuses villes dont Montréal et suis devenu citoyen Canadien en 1995! O'Canada! (Hymne national)
En été 1997, après avoir économisé pendant des années, j'ai quitté mon job, mon appartement, vendu mes affaires et ai traversé le Canada d'est en ouest en train durant 4 jours fantastiques jusqu'à Vancouver pour essayer de réaliser mon vieux rêve: Tenter ma chance à San Francisco! On m'a traité d'inconscient, de rêveur! Faut bien rêver et c'est important de réaliser nos propres rêves dans la vie, n'est ce pas?!
Je dois admettre que j'avais un peu la peur de l'inconnu en quittant Toronto avec mes 6 valises! Je suis parti quand même, il fallait que je le fasse pour aller jusqu'au bout de mon rêve...!

TORONTO: Population: 750,000, 4Millions with suburb (banlieue)
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Toronto, I lived there 7 years! Frozen lake in winter CN tower and skydome Beautiful Casa Loma Ontario place Sailing on Lake Ontario Maple Leaf Hockey team
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Royal York hotel

Old City Hall-  New City H. Ontario Parliament The Stanley cup(Hockey) is kept in Toronto! The skydome Temperatures in Toronto in Celsius/Farenheit Scotia Plaza
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Aeria view Beautiful aerial view of the Skydome! Victoria college Chinatown Products in Chinatown Famous Kensignton market in Chinatown.
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Aeria view Tallest vertical tower in the world, CN tower! Harbourfront bordering lake Ontario Little Italy in Toronto. Work colleagues at a paint war event! It hurts! Huskies and dog sledding: Fantastic!Beautiful dogs! Marie-Claude having a fun time!
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Bloor West village, I used to live in this area at one point. Yorkville, I used to live 1 blockm away from it,fun area! Beautiful Niagara falls 2 hours from Toronto! a must see! Powerful! Beauty! Majestic Wilde!
MONTREAL: Population:1.3Million
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Beautiful Montreal! Place Jacques Cartier,old Montreal Notre Dame basilica Charming homes Cooooooold in winter! Botanical gardens Montreal's hockey team (in red) "Canadiens" is the most famous hockey team in North America.
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Aerial view, with the Olympic stadium Montreal Olympic stadium Cafe Festival "Juste pour rire" (Just for laugh) Montreal Casino The wonderful,famous jazz festival attracts millions in July! Delicious astries in a Montreal cafe
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The Hotel de ville Jacques Cartier Place The Old Montreal Street in Old Montreal Romantic transportation in Old Montreal. Typical Montreal house.Nice style