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EnglishI only spent 4 days in China, in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, to have a feeling of the atmosphere. It was a whole process sjut to get a tourist visa! I had the feeling of a country in total expansion, economically and technologically, but again I only stayed a few days! Very nice people. Atmosphere quite different than in other Asian countries, very disciplined people and police...everywhere!

Hong Kong: A very modern town, very fast way of living, people run everywhere, beautiful buildings!
Another World!

FrançaisJe ne suis seulement resté que 4 jours en Chine, à Guangzhou et Shenzhen, juste pour avoir une petite impression. Le procédé pour obtenir un visa était assez complexe. Mon impression est celle d'un pays en totale expansion, économiquement et technologiquement, mais encore une fois je ne suis reste que quelques jours! Gens très sympas. Ambiance très différente des autres pays, gens disciplinés et police...partout!

Hong Kong: Ville hyper moderne et surpeuplée, style de vie très intense, les gens courent partout, jolis modernes buildings!
Un autre Monde!

CHINA:4 days Population: 1.4Billion(milliards)
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Guangzhou,2 hours away from Hong Kong Street in Guangzhou, carrying rice on a bike Constructions,expansion Nice family I met. Yes, even McDo is in China! Beautiful governor's house.
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Lots of bikes and motorcycles "Window of the world" in Shenzhen:They reproduced all the beauties of the world in small versions! Only in China Eiffel tower and the pyramids in smaller versions. Still big! Arc of triumph in a smaller version
HONG KONG:2 days Population: 7Millions
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Hong Kong:Life seems faster than in New York! Aerial view Night view Busy street
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This town never stops!!