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English: Here are some pictures of friends I was able to compile: I've never been a regular photographer, I'm starting to take more pictures now! 
So forgive me if you are not in this album...yet! These pictures include my friends from France, Canada, USA, Martinique and various travels.
e-mail me some pictures of you (or you and me), or you  and your family and you will be included! If you are already here, send me more! Thanks!

Franais: Voici des photos d'amis que j'ai pu retrouver: Je n'ai jamais t quelqu'un qui prenait beaucoup de photos, donc pardonnez moi si vous n'tes pas...encore dans cet album! 
Si vous tes dja inclus, envoyez en d'autres plus rcentes! Ces photos incluent mes amis de France, Canada, USA, Martinique et divers voyages. 
Merci de m'envoyer par e-mail quelques photos de vous (ou de vous avec moi) ou de vous + famille! Merci!

  Jeff and Jennifer, great friends from Minneapolis(2005) Cindy, genius designer, Toronto me at a wedding party! 10/2005 Bay to breakers 2005:  Michael,Thomas, Flo,Mariana,Robert,Alex,Nathalie At Martha coffee: David,Fabien,Trish,Edwin In Texas w//Gwendoline and Robert (10/2005)  
  ced ecole paul bert 71-72.jpg (235258 bytes) cedric and tonton.jpg (88662 bytes) ced at kaboom.jpg (27515 bytes)   ced and glide at niners game.jpg (87551 bytes)nick bob ced gospel.jpg (64510 bytes) ced and glide bob and AJ.jpg (6960 bytes) ced lynn edwin at kaboom.jpg (35533 bytes)

Me in Elementary school in 1971! 2nd column from left, 3rd row, right side! Recognize me??!!

My cousin Pierre and I, San Francisco,summer 2002.I like this picture! Florence,Kelly and I,
San Francisco,summer 2002
  At a 49ers football game,singing the US national anthem!Bob,Nick and I. Bob,Aaron and I. Edwin,Dave,Vinokur and I,San Francisco 2002.
  amelia and stars spangled banner crepes party.jpg (59249 bytes) crepes party marseillaise.jpg (51866 bytes) crepes on the wall.jpg (46379 bytes) crepes party.jpg (58431 bytes)   amelia kristina renee.jpg (55860 bytes) Cedric and Edwin.jpg (25788 bytes) Edwin and flo.jpg (20737 bytes)
  Singing at my crepes party. San Francisco, summer 2002: From left:Renee, Kristina, Sandra,Amelia, Maria, Claudia More singing...and drinking! ,Robert and I.
Who messed with my crepes on the wall??!!


Cedric V.,Maria.
Amelia,Renee,Kristina. San Francisco Edwin and I,San Francisco. No...comment! Yaman! Edwin and Florence,SF
  kirkwood waterfalls.jpg (34694 bytes) kirkwood3.jpg (22380 bytes) luisa and friend.jpg (86059 bytes) luisa2.jpg (47267 bytes) lucille cedric laugh.jpg (32073 bytes) pete judd and ced.jpg (51644 bytes) robert patrice ced.jpg (56056 bytes)
  Hiking in Kirkwood, California:Edwin, Kate, baby Grace,Patty, Davide  Before leaving Kirkwood Luisa and her friend, Toronto Luisa Lucile and I in SF,2001 Pete the "CK" man and I,in SF! Robert and I,SF
  rafting.jpg (274164 bytes) me hiking.jpg (56779 bytes) friends sf.jpg (83186 bytes) friends sf2.jpg (58327 bytes) me.jpg (42762 bytes) ced smiling.jpg (66084 bytes) ced and glide members.jpg (5829 bytes)
  Fantastic rafting trip in SF! Hiking in the Marine Headlands,California Lucille,Sandy and I,California,1999 David,Sandy and I,SF,1999. Who is this guy? Smiling me! Summer 2002 Ralf,Sandra and I,SF.
    charlot2.jpg (44592 bytes) charlot1.jpg (70796 bytes) charlot ced toronto.jpg (53862 bytes) Jaccounet.jpg (302579 bytes) Madelaine-tracy-thomas.jpg (33302 bytes) mobirthday.jpg (487090 bytes)
    Scary Charlot!Toronto. Charlot!   Charlot and I,Toronto Jacques,Toronto(in winter!!) Madelaine,Tracy,Thomas Mo's birthday and his no.10 French soccer jersey!San Francisco
  nick ced patrice.jpg (100120 bytes) nick ced.jpg (104008 bytes) ced niners.jpg (142710 bytes) ced-baseball-game.jpg (510439 bytes) paola3.jpg (143886 bytes) Paola.jpg (66517 bytes) robert sandra amelia.jpg (59403 bytes)
  Nick and I,in our gospel robes, SF Bad boy Nick! Our choir Glide at a San Francisco 49ers football game to sing the US national anthem. Glide at Pac Bell park for a Giants baseball game in 2003; national anthem before the game. Paola,Toronto Paola and 2 friends Robert feels good between 2 gorgeous women, Sandra&Amelia!
  dolores park intl team.jpg (84585 bytes) dolores park intl team 3.jpg (97133 bytes) dolores park intl team 6.jpg (68420 bytes) soccer.jpg (146955 bytes) halloween sf.jpg (71548 bytes) wedding 2.jpg (71036 bytes) guy.jpg (70593 bytes)
  Our SF soccer team who crushed Robert's team !Standing left: Pepe, Kerry  the 2 Cedrics(!), Laurent,Aurelien,Pat,Mo,Olivier Captain Cedric with team! Team in action;Ole, ole ole ole!! Soccer tournamemnt Halloween in SF! Should I start a new career as a...priest!! Alex, Agnes and I at Lionel's wedding, France. Guy,San Francisco
  Aurelien-goodbye-party.jpg (56852 bytes) Aurelien-goodbye-party-2.jpg (71476 bytes) Aurelien-goodbye-party-3.jpg (59666 bytes) Aurelien-goodbye-party-4.jpg (70076 bytes) hiking memorial day.jpg (38362 bytes) Elana_cedric_dean_campfire_may 2002.jpg (47966 bytes) gualala camping may 2002.jpg (67149 bytes)
  Aurelien with his Niners jacket at his farewell party at my place(2003) More of his farewell party Who is the San Francisco King of Crepes?!! Great hike on Memorial day in the Headlands,CA Eleana,Dean and I camping,California Camping with Eleana,James,Dean,
  april.jpg (145992 bytes) Madelaine-tracy-thomas.jpg (33302 bytes) Renita-Orlando-dance.jpg (16482 bytes) Suzanne.jpg (16078 bytes) amelia and cedric.jpg (34582 bytes) ana.jpg (67863 bytes) filip-f.jpg (335256 bytes)
  Chinese friend April, San Francisco Madelaine, Tracy, Thomas, San Francisco Renita and Orlando dancing! Suzanne, San Francisco Amelia and I,summer 2002,San Francisco. Ana whom I knew in Toronto,now lives in Paris Filip and Ana, San Francisco
  sue.jpg (46371 bytes) partysf.jpg (80158 bytes) sylvain.jpg (47664 bytes) antoine and i.jpg (49920 bytes) camping canada.jpg (60719 bytes) Dave shantz and cathy baby.jpg (90039 bytes) Caroline-G.jpg (50966 bytes)
  Sue and I in SF. At a San Francisco party with Sue, Robert, Aaron, Solange. Sylvain and I:Yaman! Antoine and I:Yaman! Camping in Canada;Dave,Charlot,... Dave and Kathy+baby Caroline. Savoie,France
  nico.jpg (96315 bytes) camping neo.jpg (77689 bytes) terese and i.jpg (63147 bytes) friendssf.jpg (72971 bytes) terese.jpg (83262 bytes) alexandre-poncet.jpg (76561 bytes) anne LeG.jpg (37816 bytes)
  Nico and Aymeric suffering at a triathlon,France! Camping in Yosemite with Neo,Liz,Charlot Terese and I in a cafe in beautiful San Francisco.  Dave, Stefan,Terese and I,SF. Terese and I in Toronto. Alex + family. Lyon,France Anne,Manu and daughters.New York.
  beatrice.jpg (161616 bytes) beatrice-et-fille.jpg (231954 bytes) francky.jpg (188730 bytes) baz.jpg (74201 bytes) philippe.jpg (830575 bytes) vincent m.jpg (104379 bytes) olivier.jpg (67336 bytes)
  Beatrice,Lyon,France Beatrice and her daughter Franck,Lyon,France Manuel and Laurence relaxing! Lyon,France Philippe,proud of his catch! Lyon,France Vincent+wife and daughters,Lyon,France Olivier alias Roger, San Francisco
  sue-canada.jpg (130539 bytes)     frederic.jpg (223870 bytes) catherinea.jpg (289002 bytes)      josee.jpg (72130 bytes) renee.jpg (62866 bytes) eastersf.jpg (156771 bytes) hiking mount tam.jpg (161644 bytes) hiking memorial day.jpg (38362 bytes)
Frederic(elementary school friend who contacted me 6 months ago on the internet!),Lyon,France Catherine,high          Josie
school friend,Paris 
Renee and her fiance. Group of friends at easter 2003 in palo alto. Quick hike in mount tam,2003 Hiking group on memorial day.2003
  isabelle.jpg (62992 bytes) isabelle and husband.jpg (75189 bytes) lisa and gregg.jpg (52964 bytes) chanaix family.jpg (364293 bytes) christophe amande wedding.jpg (107492 bytes) simona.jpg (186398 bytes) linajoseph.jpg (68499 bytes)
  Isabelle,Savoie,France Isabelle and husband Lisa and Gregg+family, USA Chanay family,France Christophe+Amande wedding,France 1998 Simona, Belgium Lina and Joseph,
San Francisco
  go club med.jpg (26589 bytes) clubmed.jpg (52639 bytes) clubmed2.jpg (90518 bytes) clubmed3.jpg (52129 bytes) laura and i.jpg (48720 bytes) montreal friends.jpg (49996 bytes)
  When I was a G.O tennis at Club Med Martinique,with Eric,G.O. Eric and I, the Great tennis teachers of Club Med Martinique in a show! Tennis teacher Cedric in action!! What a fantastic time in Club Med Martinique! The G.O team of Club Med in a show;Ye was chief of village,nice man  Laura,Martinique  Laura and I,France In Montreal with  Liette and Christian
  philjeff2.jpg (48475 bytes) philjeff.jpg (44201 bytes) mark.jpg (36571 bytes) markphil.jpg (58582 bytes) teachers.jpg (47977 bytes) teachersroom.jpg (48442 bytes) teachersbaseball.jpg (43051 bytes)
  My good bodies Phil and Jeff from Minnesota Phil,Jeff during a camping trip, Minnesota Mark and his dad, fishing trip Minnesota Mark,Phil having a good time!Minnesota. Teachers at a dinner party when I was teaching french in Minneapolis This was the teacher's room at Centennial high school where I taught. Me in action during a baseball game,teachers team.
  dickcarolyn.jpg (42851 bytes) centennialshow.jpg (44245 bytes) philippe.jpg (40901 bytes) liofamilyusa.jpg (41151 bytes) wendy.jpg (41403 bytes)
  Dick and Carolyn at a teacher's party, Minneapolis! Centennial high school student's show at end of school year. Mark directed Philippe,was with me at the University,we crossed the USA by car together. Brother Lionel with Jason's family in Minnesota:student exchange. Wendy,one of my student in french class,at her prom party. Frederic,Flo,Robert,Alex, Cedric Robert,Mo,Frederic Cedric