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INDIA  Country population: 1.2Billion/1.2Milliard)
    New Delhi:13Millions

EnglishThe culture and monuments are real beauties, majestic, pure. People are very nice and they are either very rich or very poor. Be careful not to believe everything they tell you, especially when they approach you to sell  you tourist tours in the streets!
I visited New Delhi, Agra and Jaipur and hired a guide with a car.
People everywhere, huge country, amazing history, the Taj Mahal is pure, majestic and without words to describe its beauty. 
Another World!


FrançaisLa culture et les monuments sont de réelles beautés, majestueux, pure. Les gens sont très sympas et ils sont ou très riches ou très pauvres. Attention de ne pas croire tous les innombrables vendeurs de circuits touristiques organises qui vous approcheront dans chaque rue!
J'ai visite New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur avec un guide et voiture.
les gens sont partout, pays immense a l'histoire impressionnante, le Taj Mahal est pure de beauté et simplicité, majestueux, les mots sont durs pour décrire!
Un autre Monde!
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Mosque in New New Delhi mosque Chhattarpur temple India gate,New Lotus temple,New President Palace,ND. New Delhi busy street
newdehli street.jpg (86625 bytes) OldDelhi.jpg (146091 bytes) Chawri_bazaar.jpg (182900 bytes) MedicineWoman.jpg (139879 bytes) huge bull street new dehli.jpg (58784 bytes) street kids dehli.jpg (60788 bytes)
Busy New Delhi street Old Delhi Busy commercial street Medicine woman Huge bull in a street! Poverty in New Delhi
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The Amazing, Beautiful, Pure,... Taj Mahal in Agra. Built in 17th century Taj Mahal and the reflection on water.Purity. Taj Mahal at sunrise; 5:30am For the memories, I was there!
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In Agra Old fort in Agra Similar to a touk touk! Little bear Agra street,lots of bikes. Cows on the streets, sacred animal in India
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Coconut anybody?! Silk factory in Agra, quality silk With a maharajah! A new maharajah! Camel from close Come on, move!! Finally arrived!
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You see many animals in the streets!Even elephants! Beautiful temple in Jaipur Me in a mosque;I had to cover my legs, no shoes allowed. Sleeping and prayers in a mosque. The snake loved it! Monkeys are everywhere in India! and not afraid! Baby with his mother
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Beautiful odl fort in Jaipur Old palace of a former governor Street in Agra