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NEPAL  Population: 27Millions

EnglishBeautiful culture and religion, beautiful monuments and temples, people are very nice, poor and with such a simple/basic way of life that it is really refreshing. I got the chance to go trekking in the Himalayan mountains, do a safari in the jungle forest and share great moments with the local people. A beautiful country. 
Another World!

FrançaisLa culture et religion sont superbes, les monuments incroyables, les gens sont très sympas, pauvres et vivent si simplement que cela devient très rafraîchissant pour nous de l'ouest. J'ai pu faire de la marche dans les montagnes de l'Himalaya, faire un safari dans la jungle et partager des moments privilégies avec les Népalais. Pays superbe, impressionnant.
Un autre Monde!
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Katmandu, Nepal Temple Me with nice Hindus people
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A friend I made what is that smoke? From a body! Burning dead people is part of their religion Me with a rooster before... His head was cut! religious ritual in Nepal Then they pray with the blood of the animal
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More prayers In a local bus Typical street in Starting the trek in the Himalayan mountains. Trekking for 4 days , 8 hours/day! 90F/35celsius Nice workout! Tiny village in the mountains;People carry on their back groceries, 8 hours away from closest town... Animals on the hiking trails
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Scary bridge,but solid! I met them during the hike. 2 frenchies,1 south african Ben; The Annapurna mountain in the background! My guide Bikrahm and I in front of the Annapurna.
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The top of the world from a small plane: Mount Everest:8,848meters or 29,028 feet! Purity,majestic, I could not find words to describe what I was seeing! The road to Tibet
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Going to a safari trip! Elephant safari! Spotted a rhinoceros A friend I met, in the jungle forest Rice plantation Typical Nepal house in the country
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Nice elephant Me climbing on an elephant using his trunk!! I made it to the top!! Here is the new...Tarzan!