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THAILAND  Population: 62Millions - Bangkok:8Millions

English: Impressive rich culture, beautiful monuments and temples, majestic Buddha, religion who seems so peaceful and calm, amazing Thai boxing, very nice people, Bangkok is amazing and a must see! 
Another world!

FranaisCulture impressionnante de richesse, monuments et temples magnifiques, Buddha majestueux, religion qui parait tellement paisible et calme, superbe boxe Thailandaise, gens trs sympas, Bangkok c'est fou et voir! 
Un autre monde!
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In a "touk touk" in Bangkok! they are the kings of the roads,fun! Touk touk driver. So many bikes in Bangkok! A Thai woman. Bangkok on the river. Beautiful town+culture ,really. Renting a boat on the river
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Famous floating market

Doing their shopping! Grand palace
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Beauty! Beautiful! More beauty! Buddha
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Praying Buddha in a temple with a Thai friend I met. I now wear  a small Buddha chain on me ...for luck! With a monk. Peace.Very rare that they allow people in their house.Lucky me! In a monk's village Beautiful temple Houses where monks live. Buddha
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Local market. Great traditional Thai massage.So relaxing! Beautiful Thai dance Thai boxing:presentation of the fighters Very violent sport, very popular. Huge snake who wanted to eat me! But I won the fight! Do NOT ever try this!